Late Night Library

Late Night Library is a 501(c)(3) ‘dedicated to sustaining book culture, promoting literature in schools and communities, and supporting a diverse array of writers early in their careers.’ I started out with the organization as an audio editing intern for the podcast ‘Late Night Conversation,’ and my experience running Wordpress sites helped reduce spam comments and smooth the transition to a new theme. As an on-going volunteer, I maintained their Wordpress installation and edited the ‘Dog-Eared & Dispatched’ column, and also managed their Instagram feed.

Dog-eared & Dispatched

Dog-eared & Dispatched was a weekly column covering literary and publishing news for a broad audience. Depending on the character and quantity of news to be covered, the column took different formats including a list of links, a collection of three to five shorter stories, or one larger update. Its tone was informal, slightly critical, and intended to appeal to both high school students & general readers of all ages. From June 2014–April 2015, I was the primary writer for the column; from June 2015–August 2016, I was responsible for recruiting column writers and editing their text for publication.

Late Night Conversation

In early 2014, I started out at Late Night Library using Audacity to produce episodes of ‘Late Night Conversation’ for co-host Doug Silver. Some of the favorite episodes I worked on include interviews with:

Website Development

In summer of 2015, I developed a new design for the Late Night Library website. Based on director Paul Martone’s specifications, I built a mobile-first Wordpress theme for the site, improving navigation and decreasing page load time. The new design launched on August 15, 2015.